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von crastenburg hotel fivem

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Fivem Von Crastenburg Hotel mlo is a popular addition to many FiveM servers, offering players a luxurious and immersive setting for roleplaying activities. This prestigious chain of hotels replicates real-world establishments within the GTA V map, offering diverse locations and amenities.

   Location v3(-1222.6522, -196.3544, 39.1755, 251.7937) 

Fivem Von Crastenburg Hotel mlo is a popular addition to many FiveM server offering player a luxurious and immersive

The Von Crastenburg Hotel is a pre-made virtual environment (MLO) designed to recreate real-world hotels within the FiveM world.

  • Several hotel branches exist across the map, each featuring its unique design and setting Players can use these hotels as their character’s temporary residence, a luxurious getaway, a venue for social events, or even a backdrop for criminal activities.
  •  The Von Crastenburg Hotel offers a luxurious and detailed environment for players to engage in diverse roleplaying activities. Players can act as hotel guests, staff members, high-profile individuals, or characters involved in glamorous events or criminal schemes.
  •  The multiple branches of the hotel offer a variety of settings, from beachfront resorts in. Pacific Bluffs to modern high-rises in Rockford Hills, catering to diverse roleplaying preferences While customization options may vary depending on the specific. MLO used, some servers allow players to personalize their hotel room with furniture, decorations, and personal belongings, adding a sense of ownership and immersion The opulent setting of the Von Crastenburg Hotel opens up numerous possibilities for creative roleplay Players can create scenarios involving business meetings, luxurious parties, romantic encounters, high-stakes poker games, spy missions, or even use the hotel as a base for their unique storylines.

Location v3(-1222.6522, -196.3544, 39.1755, 251.7937) 

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von crastenburg hotel fivemvon crastenburg hotel fivem
Original price was: $20.50.Current price is: $16.50.