Fivem Mlo

Fivem Mlo (Multi-Level Object) is a type of custom object that can be ad to a Fivem server. These objects are create use 3D modeling software and can be anything from building to furniture, and they can be design to be fully interactive with the game environment.

MLOs are often use to enhance the realism and immersion of the game, as they allow players to interact with objects in ways that wouldn’t be possible with game assets. For example, Mlo can include functioning door, elevators, or even hidden rooms that players can discover and explore.

Fivem MLOs are commonly use in roleplaying servers to create realistic and immersive environments for players to interact with. They can also be use in other types of servers, such as racing or minigame servers, to add unique and exciting elements to the gameplay.

To use a custom Mlo on a Fivem server, the Mlo file is downloade and ad to the server’s resources folder. From there, it can be spawn in-game using specific command and scripts.

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