Fivem Ymaps

FiveM Ymaps are custom map files that can be use to add new locations, buildings, and props to the GTA V world in FiveM servers. They are similar to MLOs (MapLoader objects), but they can be use to modify the outdoor environment as well as interiors.

Here are some of the things you can do with FiveM Ymaps:

  • Create new towns and cities: You can use Ymaps to create entirely new locations that are not present in the original GTA V map.
  • Add new buildings and landmarks: You can use Ymaps to add custom buildings and landmarks to the existing map.
  • Change the landscape: You can use Ymaps to change the landscape of the map, such as adding new mountains, rivers, or forests.
  • Add custom props: You can use Ymaps to add custom props to the map, such as cars, furniture, or vegetation.

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