Fivem Mods

FiveM mods are third-party modifications that enhance or change the gameplay of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) in its multiplayer mode. The community creates these mods, which can range from simple cosmetic changes to complex gameplay overhauls.

  1. Visual mods: These mods improve the game’s graphics and visuals, such as adding realistic lighting effects, higher-quality textures, and more detailed models.
  2. Gameplay mods: These mods change the fundamental gameplay mechanics of GTA V, such as adding new weapons, vehicles, and activities or modifying the way the game’s economy works.
  3. Roleplay mods: These mods create immersive roleplaying scenarios for players, such as adding jobs, factions, and custom rules.
  4. Vehicle mods: These mods add new vehicles to the game or modify the existing ones, such as changing their appearance, performance, or handling.
  5. Map mods: These mods expand the game’s world by adding new areas to explore or modifying the existing ones.
  6. Script mods: These mods add custom scripts to the game, which can control various aspects of gameplay, such as spawning objects, triggering events, or modifying player behavior.

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