Fivem Modding

FiveM modding refers to modifying the popular online multiplayer game Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) using the FiveM framework. FiveM is a free, open-source modification platform allowing players to create custom servers with unique rules, game modes, and features. This opens up a vast world of possibilities for GTA V, making it a highly customizable and replayable experience.

There are two main aspects to FiveM modding:

1. Server-side modding: This involves creating and managing custom FiveM servers. Server-side mods can change almost any game aspect, from the world environment and gameplay mechanics to the economy and player interactions. Some popular server-side mods include roleplay servers, racing servers, deathmatch servers, and PvP servers.
2. Client-side modding: This involves modifying the game client itself,

Which is the software that runs on the player’s computer. Client-side mods can change how the game looks and feels, adding new graphics and sound effects or gameplay features. Some popular client-side mods include pictures, weapon, and vehicle mods.

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