Fivem Mechanic Shop Mlo

Pump up your FiveM server’s auto scene with a top-notch fivem mechanic shop, MLO! Whether you’re a gearhead looking to wrench on virtual rides or a server owner crafting immersive roleplay, these detailed interior maps will have you covered.

Here’s what awaits:

Grime and glam: Dive into a world of greasy tools, gleaming engines, and tire stacks. Choose from gritty backstreet garages to sleek, modern dealerships, each with its unique atmosphere.
Functional finesse: Go beyond aesthetics! Many MLOs boast interactive features like working lifts, diagnostic equipment, and paint booths. Tune, repair, and customize vehicles with ease.
Roleplay playground: Create endless scenarios! Run a bustling repair business, host underground tuning meets or even establish a criminal chop shop. The possibilities are endless.

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