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A physical location in a FiveM server:

  • Some servers have custom or pre-built workshop interiors that players can visit. These may be used for any of the abovementioned purposes or other roleplay scenarios.

 A general term for any creative space in FiveM:

  • This broader meaning can encompass any place where players can build, create, or modify things. This could include workshops, garages, apartments, or even public spaces.

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FiveM workshop can have several meanings depending on the context. Here are the most common interpretations:  fivem workshop can refer to a few different things depending on the context. Here are the most common meanings:

 Player-owned workshops:

  • These are in-game locations where players can engage in various crafting, repair, or customization activities. The specific activities and features will vary depending on the server and script.
  • Some popular workshop scripts include:
    • Mechanic shops: Players can repair and modify vehicles.
    • Drug labs: Players can manufacture illegal substances.
    • Weapon workshops: Players can customize and upgrade weapons.
    • Woodworking shops: Players can craft furniture and other wooden objects.
    • Custom workshops: Some servers have custom scripts for unique workshop activities, like blacksmithing, tailoring, or potion brewing.

Pre-built workshop interiors:

  • These are mappable location objects (MLOs) that server owners can add to their servers to provide players with ready-made workshop spaces. Some popular FiveM workshop MLOs include: Carzone Workshop A detailed car repair shop with multiple workbenches and a customer lounge.
    • Sandy Shores Workshop: A small introductory workshop perfect for smaller servers.
    • Custom workshops: Some creators make and sell custom MLOs for specific workshop themes or activities.

Location v3(2518.2219, 4125.8979, 38.5963, 242.6658) 

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