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fivem mission row police department


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The experience can vary greatly depending on the server: Each FiveM server with a “Mission Row PD” theme will have unique features, rules, and gameplay mechanics.

It can be a great way to experience police roleplay in FiveM: If you’re interested in playing as a police officer in FiveM, servers focusing on the Mission Row PD can offer a unique and immersive experience.

Location v3(424.1303, -978.8655, 30.7107, 264.4668) 

FiveM mission row police department  is the default police station in the game, located in the Mission Row district of Los Santos. It’s not accessible in the original GTA V, but many FiveM servers have mods that enable players to enter the building and interact with its various features. These mods can add functionality like:

  • Activities: Depending on the server, police officers can engage in diverse activities like:
    • Responding to calls and dispatch reports.
    • Patrolling the streets and conducting traffic stops.
    • Investigating crimes and apprehending suspects.
    • Participating in raids and high-stakes situations.
    • Interacting with civilians and maintaining public order.


  • Multiple floors: Each floor serves a specific purpose, like holding cells, interrogation rooms, evidence storage, and a briefing room.
  • FiveM Mission Row Police Department interior
  • Armoury: Equip yourself with various weapons and gear to tackle any situation.
  • Vehicle impound: Store confiscated vehicles or access police cruisers, motorcycles, and even helicopters.
  • Garage: Some servers might offer a dedicated garage for officers to personalize patrol vehicles.
  • Custom elements: Depending on the server, you might find additional features like a forensics lab, canine unit kennels, or a rooftop helipad.

Location v3(424.1303, -978.8655, 30.7107, 264.4668) 

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