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Lakeside Retreat MLO This MLO adds a cosy cabin-style restaurant with a deck overlooking a lake. It includes tables, chairs, a fireplace, and a working kitchen.

The Pelican’s Nest MLO This MLO adds a more upscale restaurant with a large outdoor patio on the edge of a lake. It features a bar, lounge area, and private dining rooms.

Sunset Beach Picnic Area MLO This MLO adds a simple picnic area with benches and grills on a beach next to a lake. It’s an excellent place for players to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Location v3(2583.1099, 6163.8545, 164.9570, 327.5691) 

FiveM lake dinner mlo is most likely a custom map add-on for the famous GTA V roleplaying mod FiveM that adds a scenic lakeside dining area to the game world.

Here’s what I could gather about FiveM lake dinner MLOs:

Possible features:

  • A restaurant or dining area: This could be a standalone building, a part of a larger structure, or even an open-air setup.
  • A lake or waterfront location: The MLO would likely place the dining area next to a body of water, offering scenic views for players.
  • Functionality: Some MLOs might add interactive elements like ordering food or sitting at tables, while others might be purely visual.

Location v3(2583.1099, 6163.8545, 164.9570, 327.5691) 

Preview video of   fivem lake dinner mlo

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