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Many FiveM servers feature custom storylines, roleplay scenarios, or activities centered around Kelly Park.

This is an actual location in the game, situated south of the Jefferson Motel in Los Santos. It’s known for its extensive park and bustling streets, with a predominantly Black population and some Italian-American residents.

In the base game, Kelly Park only has a little interactivity beyond exploring the streets and park.

Location v3(-265.4385, -948.5848, 32.2674, 202.6145) 

FiveM kelly park is a small neighbourhood in South Los Santos, known for its large namesake park and the infamous Kelly Street, a hotspot for crime and gang activity. It’s a popular location in roleplaying servers due to its gritty atmosphere and potential for roleplay scenarios.

1. The Kelly Park neighborhood in Los Santos:

  • This location is in Grand Theft Auto V’s base game, located south of Jefferson and bordering Las Colinas.
  • It’s known for its extensive park, the Jefferson Motel, and its reputation as a hotspot for criminal activity.

2. Custom maps or servers featuring Kelly Park:

  • Many FiveM servers have custom maps or modifications that add new locations or revamp existing ones.
  • Some of these might be based in the Kelly Park neighbourhood of Los Santos, offering fresh scenery or gameplay opportunities.

3. Roleplay scenarios or factions focused on Kelly Park:

  • Some FiveM servers may have roleplay scenarios or factions centred around the Kelly Park neighbourhood. These could involve gang roleplay, turf wars, or police operations.

4. Specific mods or scripts related to Kelly Park:

  • FiveM creators can build and share custom mods and scripts that add unique features or functionality to the game.
  • Some of these might directly relate to Kelly Park, like adding new building interiors or altering its environment.

Location v3(-265.4385, -948.5848, 32.2674, 202.6145) 

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