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  • This stands for “Map Layout Object,” a specific type of mod in FiveM that adds custom interiors to the game.
  • The Bean Machine MLO replaces the default interior of a building in the game with the detailed interior of a cafe.


  • This is a popular multiplayer modification for Grand Theft Auto V that allows players to create and join custom servers with unique features and gameplay mechanics.
  • Many FiveM servers use MLOs to add new and interesting locations to explore, like the Bean Machine cafe.

Location v3(281.5941, -961.6417, 29.4187, 164.9518) 

Bean machine mlo fivem This mod adds a fully functional cafe restaurant called “Bean Machine” to the game. The location and style vary depending on the mod, but it’s often placed in Los Santos or Blaine County. Here are some standard features of the Bean Machine MLO:

The Bean Machine MLO for FiveM allows you to add a fully functional Bean Machine arcade to your server. Players can interact with the game by:

  • Purchasing tokens from a nearby NPC or vending machine.
  • Dropping tokens into the designated slot.
  • Releasing balls at the top of the grid.
  • I watch the balls bounce through the pins and land in the slots.
  • Earn rewards based on the slot they land in (e.g., in-game currency, virtual items, points for leaderboards).

Additional features:

  • Customization: Some MLOs allow you to customize the appearance of the Bean Machine, such as the colours, textures, and even the prizes awarded.
  • Sounds and animations: The best MLOs include realistic sounds for dropping balls, bouncing pins, and winning prizes. They may also have animations for the balls and the machine itself.
  • Multiple machines: You can add Bean Machines to your server to create a dedicated arcade area.

Location v3(281.5941, -961.6417, 29.4187, 164.9518) 

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