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FiveM servers, players can engage in roleplay scenarios around 7-Eleven stores. This might involve:

  • Working as a cashier: Players can interact with customers, ring up purchases, and stock shelves.
  • Robbing the store: Players can plan and execute robberies, interacting with police and other players.
  • Hanging out at the store: Players can socialize with friends, buy snacks, and relax.

Location v3(-283.9320, -921.3492, 31.0801, 166.2903) 

FiveM 7-11 can refer to several things in the FiveM roleplay community, depending on the context  7-Eleven interiors Replicating the familiar layout, branding, and product displays of real-life 7-Eleven stores.

1. In-game 7-Eleven locations:

  • Features of in-game 7-Elevens:
    • Detailed interiors: Replicating the iconic 7-Eleven layout with coolers, shelves, counters, and branding elements.
    • Interactive shopping: Players can browse the virtual shelves, pick up items, and pay for them using in-game currency.
    • Roleplay opportunities: 7-Elevens can be used for various roleplay scenarios, such as working as a cashier, robbing the store, or simply socializing with other players.
    • Customization: Some servers might have custom  that add unique features to their 7-Elevens, like hot food preparation, lottery tickets, or gas pumps.

2. FiveM mods and scripts related to 7-Eleven:

    • New mappable location objects (MLOs): Providing pre-built 7-Eleven interiors that server owners can easily add to their maps.
    • Custom clothing: Adding 7-Eleven employee uniforms for players to wear.
    • Inventory and item scripts: Adding 7-Eleven-specific items to in-game stores or vending machines.

Location v3(-283.9320, -921.3492, 31.0801, 166.2903) 

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