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Enhance your server’s environment: Gas stations add realism and variety to your FiveM world, providing players with new locations to explore and interact with.

Create roleplaying opportunities: Gas stations can be used for various scenarios, such as running a business, working as a mechanic, or even fueling up for a heist.

Improve immersion: Detailed MLOs offer a more immersive experience for players, making them feel like they’re actually in a natural gas station.

Location v3(-334.3836, -1482.1219, 30.5942, 90.6957) 

Location v3(627.0010, 256.8761, 103.0471, 110.3825) 

Gas station mlo FiveM refers to a custom, pre-built gas station interior or exterior that can be added to your FiveM server. These MLOs are create by modders using the MapLoader Object (MLO) tool, allowing for more detaile and immersive environments than  standard FiveM map editor.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from a gas station MLO in FiveM:


  • Detailed interiors and exteriors: Gas station MLOs often have intricate details, such as pump stations, convenience store shelves, cashier counters, mechanic garages, and even restrooms.
  • Interactive elements: Some MLOs include working gas pumps, doors, and other interactive objects to enhance the realism and gameplay.
  • Multiple themes and styles: You’ll find gas station MLOs in various types, from classic roadside stations to modern convenience stores with attached car washes.

Location v3(-334.3836, -1482.1219, 30.5942, 90.6957) 

Location v3(627.0010, 256.8761, 103.0471, 110.3825) 

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