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MLO marketplaces Websites like Tebex and FiveM Store offer pre-made pharmacy shop MLOs with varying features and levels of detail.

Forums and communities FiveM forums and communities like Cfx. re often have threads dedicated to sharing resources, including pharmacy shop MLOs and scripts.

Commissioning modders Experienced FiveM modders can create custom pharmacy shop MLOs tailored to your specific needs and the desired level of interactivity.

Location v3(103.0139, -212.0221, 54.6364, 246.1928) 

 FiveM pharmacy shop MLO (Map Load Object) is a custom-built interior designed to add a functioning pharmacy to your FiveM server. This can offer a variety of benefits and gameplay opportunities for players, both in terms of roleplay and functionality:

Features and Benefits:

  • Realistic interior: The MLO will likely recreate the look and feel of a real pharmacy, with shelves stocked with medicines, a consultation area, and a working cash register.
  • Roleplay opportunities: Players can take on various roles within the pharmacy, such as pharmacists, doctors, or even customers buying medication. This can lead to interesting interactions and story development.
  • Functional scripting (optional): Some MLOs might come with additional scripts that allow players to interact with the pharmacy more meaningfully. This could include:

Finding and Implementing FiveM Pharmacy Shop MLOs:

  • MLO marketplaces: Websites like Tebex and FiveM Store offer pre-made pharmacy shop MLOs with varying features and levels of detail.

Location v3(103.0139, -212.0221, 54.6364, 246.1928) 

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